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Why IGS Solar?

Over 25 Years of Energy Innovation

IGS Solar is part of a family of companies that’s committed to helping consumers understand their energy choices and advocate for positive change in the industry.

We proudly provide businesses, communities, and homeowners with an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable energy future.


Building Your Energy Future with Solar

With a corporate focus on providing customer-centric and innovative energy solutions, IGS Solar serves as a passionate leader in the renewable energy space.

We believe in the bright future of energy, which is why as a solar power company we’re committed to making solar accessible to customers like you by investing in projects throughout the country. With a long-term focus, we proudly own, operate, and maintain our clients’ systems.

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Simple, Transparent Agreements

Regardless of how you use your energy, managing your long-term electricity costs effectively is important. That’s why IGS Solar is proud to offer an industry-standard NREL Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a third-party ownership model. With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from IGS Solar, we own, operate, and maintain the array. You benefit from peace of mind that comes with a long-term rate that’s locked in for the duration of your term.

How Does a Solar PPA Work?

Through our PPA, you only pay for the energy produced by the system at a fixed rate that is often lower than that offered by the utility. The ongoing operations and maintenance costs are covered by our PPA, and we also handle licensing and installation. At the end of the term, you can opt to extend the contract or purchase the system.

Regardless of the option you choose to finance your project—leash, cash, or PPA—be sure to research your options and potential partners to ensure the right fit for your business or home. Put the power of solar in your hands today!

Solar at Work

From individual business to entire communities, IGS Solar is proud to make solar energy a reality throughout the country. Find out what we’re doing for our customers.

Solar Experts: Working for You

To accommodate our expanding solar footprint, we’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts that work on your behalf to deliver unmatched knowledge and trusted support. We leverage our core strengths to meet the needs of our customers—today and tomorrow.

We’re one team with one goal—delivering on our promises through exceptional customer experiences.


Our experienced sales team is focused on developing solar assets throughout the country. They are well-versed on the solar market and are committed to supporting your organization throughout our partnership.

Contact our team to explore solar solutions.


This team focuses solely on the solar market across our service footprint, and has been instrumental in creating and encouraging positive change in the industry by advocating on behalf of our customers.


With extensive knowledge of SREC management and capital planning/ execution, our financial experts navigate the changing codes and rules to ensure our customers are positioned for success over the long term.


The operations team orchestrates all aspects of each customer and vendor relationship with expert precision, from contract management, to program planning, to quality assurance.

As a full-service solar power company, we are committed to making your transition to solar seamless.

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