Residential solar power

I pay less for electricity than you do!

Zero upfront costs?

Yep, you read that correctly. Solar power is one of the only 100% renewable — 100% clean — ways of generating electricity. And, unlike other forms of electricity, solar power can be generated on your own property. Until now, putting this revolutionary energy source on your roof was prohibitively expensive. But at IGS Solar, we've got a better idea.

The IGS Solar Difference

We are passionate about solar power and its unique ability to bring positive change to the future of energy. So passionate, in fact, that we are willing to cover the design, installation, and upkeep of your solar power system! We will own and maintain your system for the life of your contract so that you only pay for the power it creates. This means that you realize savings the moment your system goes online, and get reliable, predictable energy costs for years to come, all while avoiding additional costs.

With IGS Solar, you will be getting your power from a company with over 25 years of experience, an award-winning customer experience, and a suite of fantastic home protection products — a trusted advisor; here to help you with every step of the solar process.

Is solar a fit for your home?

Here are some simple questions to see if your home or small business is ready for solar power:

  • Is your roof shaded or covered by trees?
  • Do you have a south-facing roof?
  • Is your roof structurally safe?
  • Do you like getting clean, renewable energy from the sun?
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