Community solar farm

Community Solar

Share the Bright Future of Energy with Your Neighbors

There’s nothing as powerful as joining with your neighbors and hometown businesses to harness the benefits of renewable energy. Together, you can play a vital role in your community’s sustainable energy future.

By participating in a community solar farm, you experience savings while also playing a role in creating a sustainable energy future for all of us.

How Solar Energy Farms Work

Community Power

A community solar farm will generate clean energy and deliver it to the local utility’s electric grid. Members of the community enroll to secure a portion of the farm, contributing to the clean, sustainable energy it produces.

Same Wires

Because the solar array is routing power to your utility, your new community energy is delivered the same way as your current electricity. No complicated wiring or expensive equipment to install. Just sign up and save.

Did You Know?

A community solar farm can offer guaranteed savings to local homes and businesses.

The Solar Advantage

Give Us Some Credit

IGS Solar distributes a portion of the solar energy credit to each enrolled home or business based on the monthly output from the farm. Your portion of this solar distribution is indicated on your utility bill as a net metering credit.

Get Some Savings

You keep a percentage of the net metering credit and the remainder goes back to IGS Solar for the community solar farm. Savings may vary based on the output of solar energy farms, but your bill will always be lower than if you were just using the utility’s power.

“This project in partnership with IGS Solar is incredibly exciting for us as we continue to live out our school’s environmental mission statement by having nearly a third of our electricity demands powered by solar.”

John Ferris Proctor Academy

“It has been a great experience working with IGS Solar. Using clean energy and being environmentally responsible were important goals of our church, and with the team’s expertise, we’ve been able to make that happen. Our entire congregation is very pleased with the project.”

Reverend Tim Mercaldo Church at the Gateway

“IGS Solar has demonstrated true professionalism at every stage. From the beginning with the initial negotiations and through the entire project, we have been very pleased with all the work they have done. It has been a pleasure working with everyone involved.”

Mike Camara New Bedford Waste Services