Our Projects

See What Solar Is Doing for Our Customers

Our custom designed solar solutions are helping businesses, homeowners, and communities capture the power of the sun. Check out a few of our latest solar panel projects below.

Retail Products Distributor

Maryland and New Jersey

IGS Solar partnered with a large retail products distributor on what is noted as the biggest single rooftop site in the U.S. As part of this project, IGS Solar owns, operates, and maintains the systems across six sites in two states. The combined solar system size for all of the distribution centers is just over 7,200 kW.

  • 17 MW (6 roofs)
  • 6 installations of more than 21,000 total modules

Madison Electric Works

Madison, ME

IGS Solar helped to finance the largest solar array in the state of Maine. The project allows Maine Electric Works, a municipality-owned utility, to utilize on-site generated electricity while helping to better control energy costs for their customers.

  • 5 MW solar array
  • 330W panels

City of Lexington, Nebraska

Lexington, NE

IGS Solar was responsible for financing the second largest solar array (12,600 panels) in the state of Nebraska. The Power Purchase Agreement signed by the City allows them to purchase power generated by the system at a discounted rate.

  • 4 MW solar array
  • Meets approximately 3% of the City’s annual needs

Bourne Community Solar Farm


In a partnership with the Bourne Recreation Authority, IGS Solar has constructed a 6-acre solar array that powers the John Gallo ice rink, and many homes and businesses in the Bourne community.

  • 1.3MW ground-mounted solar array
  • Expected to produce 1,560,000 kWh of renewable electricity

Rochester Community Solar Farm

Rochester, MA

There are several beneficiaries of this community solar farm located in Rochester, Massachusetts. Half of the renewable energy will be used by businesses and residents in southeastern Massachusetts, while the remaining is slated for Latham Centers, Inc.’s residential treatment school facilities located in and around Brewster, serving children with special needs.

  • 1 MW solar array

Central Oregon Community College

Redmond, OR

The oldest two-year college in Oregon – Central Oregon Community College (COCC) – enlisted IGS Solar to finance a half megawatt solar array at their Redmond campus. The array was installed 10 years after students voted to increase student fees to purchase clean energy to enhance awareness about sustainable energy to the community.

  • Meeting 90% of the Redmond location’s annual power needs
  • One of the largest arrays in the state

Felician Sisters of North America

Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey

IGS Solar owns, operates, and maintains eight separate solar arrays for this 159-year-old community throughout five states. The Felician Sisters of North America will have the option to purchase the systems in the sixth year of operation, if desired.

  • Systems range in size from 134 kW to 842 kW

Oyster River Forest Array

Durham, NH

IGS Solar helped to finance the second largest solar array in New Hampshire. After decades of use as a gravel pit, the Town of Durham repurposed the site to serve several new functions, including the 640.5 kW utility-scale solar array.

  • Designed to generate 809,500 kWh annually
  • 14 rows of ground-mounted solar modules

New Bedford Waste Services, LLC


Processing trash is an energy consuming task. And when you’re processing and recycling the solid waste of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, energy doesn’t come cheap. With nearly 50,000 square feet under roof, New Bedford Waste Services’ plant was the perfect space to generate solar power.

  • 1,700 solar panels
  • Nearly 600,000 kWh per year
  • Meeting approximately 80% of power needed

Sussex County Fairgrounds

Augusta, NJ

Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), IGS Solar brought solar solutions to this non-profit complex. Through the PPA, the Sussex County Fairgrounds was able to take advantage of tax credits that might not have otherwise been available to them while being able to harness the power of the sun.

  • 564 kW solar array
  • Meeting nearly 92% of power needs

Church at the Gateway


A calling to be good stewards of the environment brought the Church at the Gateway to IGS Solar. A large array was necessary to power the Church’s needs, so a 17,000 square-foot solar canopy was constructed over their parking lot combining covered parking with power generation.

  • 1,290 solar panels
  • Over 500,000 kWh per year
  • Meeting nearly 80% of power needed

Mass Tank/Middleborough Gas & Electric

Middleborough, MA

IGS Solar leases roof space from Mass Tank, the largest steel tank manufacturer in New England, to host the array, own the system, and sell the electricity generated to the local municipal utility (Middleborough Gas & Electric) through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  • 457 kW solar array

Cotting School

Lexington, MA

IGS Solar brought solar energy to this private, non-profit school for students with special needs (the first day school of its kind in the nation). IGS Solar financed, owns, and operates the array, which provides for the facility’s power needs.

  • 364 kW solar array
  • Meeting nearly 55% of power needs

Sturgis Charter Public School

Hyannis, MA

Thanks to IGS Solar, this tuition-free high school’s two campuses are partially powered by solar panel projects. IGS Solar financed, owns, and operates the school’s systems through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  • Arrays installed at East and West campuses
  • East system to generate 136,000 kWh annually and meet 85% of power needs
  • West system to generate 160,000 kWh annually and meet 52% of power needs

Proctor Academy


Aligning to the school’s ongoing efforts on encouraging sustainability, Proctor Academy partnered with IGS Solar to bring renewable energy to their campus. Several arrays were mounted across their campus on the academy’s educational buildings as well as the ice rink and ski area.

  • 5 complete solar arrays across campus
  • Over 250,000 kWh per year
  • Meeting nearly one-third of power needs