Solar Solutions

It’s Not Just for Space Anymore

It used to be that only satellites and space stations had access to solar power. Today we are able to harness the sun’s energy to power almost anything from businesses, homes, even entire communities.
We may not be rocket scientists, but our solar systems help you play a vital role in creating a sustainable energy future. And you can take that to the moon and back.

Solar Power for Your Home

Did you ever think your roof would make you money? A home’s solar system can provide predictable energy costs for the household every month for many years to come. Why not enjoy a guarantee on your energy production while having a positive environmental impact? Putting solar on your home is a good idea. Bet you didn’t know your roof could do so much.

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Solar Power for Your Business

Don’t wait for returns on this investment. When you get an IGS Solar system for your commercial and industrial application you start seeing savings immediately. By taking out the upfront capital cost, everyone from large-scale industrial businesses to non-profit organizations can get a sustainable energy plan for their future success. Why not cash in on these savings?

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Solar Power for Your Community

You get your power from the same place as your neighbor now, right? An IGS community solar farm works the same way. Only, instead of getting it from a generator that costs money to run, you receive energy from a large solar array nearby. Sign up for savings and support your community in creating a sustainable energy future. 

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